The one word description of our approach is Collaborative.  We’ll meet with you to fully understand the technical and business implications of the resources you’d like to add. We’ll provide you with qualified and targeted candidates.  We thoroughly vet the candidates we submit – insuring that they fit your requirements both technically and logistically.  Using this approach, we offer the following services:




This option keeps resources off your payroll and gives you the flexibility to keep your projects on target and within budget.  You won’t spend valuable time training a fresh graduate.  Professional contractors are experts in their fields and will hit the ground running.


Contract to Hire

Used most often as a way to ensure that potential employees live up to expectations before making the positon permanent.  Contract durations vary in length from one month up to one year.  The beauty of contract to hire lies in its flexibility.


Permanent Placement

Fill your open headcount with high quality employees within days, not months.  We take the heavy lifting away from you and dive deep into a search for qualified candidates.  We guarantee every permanent placement we make.